Our values

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is HTH’s priority. By being good listeners, and building a relationship with our customers based on discretion and trust, our teams of dedicated experts are able to offer you bespoke textile solutions of the highest quality. To help bring your plans to fruition and meet all your expectations, we take the time that is needed, gathering together our artisans, expertise, companies and exceptional tools.

Work ethics

HTH has always worked with the utmost respect for its customers, staff and suppliers. Each project developed in our workshops forms part of a mutual commitment to establishing commercial honesty and trust. Based on this ethic, the attention that we give to each of our customers, the loyalty that we build with them and the quality that we deliver produce strong and sustainable partnerships.


At the core of HTH’s values, the demand for quality forms part of the long-standing culture of all our establishments. Our reputation, strength and sustainability are built on this. Associated with our extremely high level of service, this dedication to quality and excellence reflects our main priority which is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.


Faithful to the spirit of its founders, HTH pursues a sustained policy of investment, innovation and development of new technologies while also continuously improving existing tools (sampling tables, new workshops, precision tools, etc.). These improvements promote and encourage the expertise of our artisans as they serve our customers.

Respect for people

Our corporate philosophy ensures that people are at the very core of everything we do. The quality of our services is based on our talented artisans who are equipped with rare professional skills. We support them by organising specific training programmes, most of which award qualifications. We encourage inter-generational transfer. Preferring sites of a manageable size and well-lit areas, HTH seeks to create harmonious working conditions to encourage the well-being of its workforce.

Respect for the environment

HTH is committed to providing its customers with textile solutions that are always respectful of the natural environment. By monitoring each of our sites together with the experts employed there, we constantly strive to improve our manufacturing processes, taking a sustainable development approach to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Transfer, continuity and development

HTH is a constantly-developing corporate group which aims to secure the future of its exceptional historical heritage. Through mentorship and in-house training, our artisans pass down their unique experience to the younger generations. We are proud of our heritage and valuable expertise, and committed to enhancing this by taking a permanent innovation approach. All our establishments have been awarded the Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, recognising their commitment to preserving their living heritage.