Our printing expertise

Textile printing is one of HTH establishments’ traditional skills and is produced on modern and versatile tools, combining tradition, high-quality and high performance.

From flat frame to digital textile printing, our versatile fabric printing tools are suitable for large or small runs with an unlimited number of repeats and effects. 150 m-Lyon printing tables, continuous tables, rotary printers, ink jet digital printing, sampling, prototyping, etc., our establishments respond pro-actively to each individual customer’s requirement.

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Flat frame printing

This exceptional-quality printing is performed on a Lyon printing table on fabric with an overall width of up to 160 cm. It relies on high-performance tools at the cutting edge of innovation.

Particularly suitable for high-end Fashion Accessories (stoles, shawls, ties, bath sheets, etc.), this technique is also used for the Ready-to-Wear and Bag lines in a quest to achieve the highest quality.

Digital printing

Capable of handling designs made up of millions of colours, digital ink jet textile printing enables endless repeats and effects. This innovative technology is suitable for any market and material.

Combined with our engraving expertise, this high-quality technique adds to the range of creative effects (graduated, very fine, watercolour, etc.) produced by screen printing.

Rotary printing

Suitable for large runs, rotary or cylinder printing is used for printing small repeat patterns with up to 12 colours. This type of fabric printing is used for the Swimwear, Lingerie, Ready-to-Wear and Upholstery lines.

“PEPS”, a prototyping, sampling and small run workshop

A new, reactive and highly flexible tool, PEPS is an independent flat frame printing workshop equipped with its own colour mixing station. Perfectly suited to small runs, prototyping and sampling, this workshop is equipped with the same flat frame machines as our production workshop.

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