Our engraving expertise

This highly meticulous technique forms part of HTH’s superior know-how and involves breaking down a pattern into colours for use as printing frames.

Combining artistic sensitivity with outstanding technical expertise, our designers perform the technique of colour separation which is essential to the art of engraving. Sometimes, almost 2,000 hours’ work can be required to reproduce the most subtle shades of colour from a drawing onto separate films. Each film, one per colour, is then used to make the printing frame using a high-precision engraving technique, resulting in exceptional patterns on our printing tables.

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Breaking down colours

Our designers are colour experts whose role is to define the number of shades making up each pattern. Hand-eye coordination and computer graphics are utilised to reproduce the contours and texture of each colour on a separate film. Blocks of colour, lightly-sketched outlines, subtle shades, this work, which, demands patience and high precision, forms part of HTH’s rare savoir-faire.

Printing frames, from colour to fabric

The printing frame is a key component of the printing table and is used to separate surfaces from areas in which colour is applied to the fabric. Engraving is performed on luxurious materials and reproduces, with utmost precision, the tracing on the films created by our designers onto the photosensitive wax of the frames. This technological skill is relied upon to reveal the most delicate colour details of patterns.

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